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What is the difference between My Account and My Listings Dashboards?
How do I navigate back to from My Listings Dashboard?
How do I update or add a payment method?

What is is an exciting, new, online marketplace showcasing local and/or green businesses and organizations in the Cariboo Region and continuously expanding our reach across BC.  

Helping to support strong and sustainable local economies, is a place where everyone’s favourite local and green, community-based businesses and organizations can be accessed.

If you are a business or an organization, helps you become more visible within the  community and beyond, and if you are a community member, it helps you find items and services, browse, and shop locally, in some cases without even leaving your home.

We are growing across BC! If you are a business or organization and don’t see your community listed here, please contact us and we’ll add your location. 

How does it work?

Businesses or Organizations can purchase listings which offer these features:

  • A virtual landing page with unlimited text and image capacity to showcase your organization or business including info about services, coming events, map location, contact info, and links to your website and market vendor page if subscribed.
  • Enhanced local exposure and promotion by being part of a collective hub in the Cariboo frequented by many people looking to purchase and support local business.
  • Ability to link your Business Listing to the Greenlisted Vendor Marketplace where you can sign up for the additional option to sell individual products online.
  • Eligibility to be featured in our social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram promoting local businesses and their products to the region.
  • A published listing in The Green Gazette Magazine distributed throughout the Cariboo Region.
  • The option for your business to be covered in an in depth feature on our Feature Business profile online and in print in The Green Gazette Magazine.
  • Increased web visibility and higher Search Engine Rankings from within and outside of the Cariboo Region.

Our Story

The unique idea for the site came out of a natural evolution of operating The Green Gazette Magazine in the Cariboo Region for the past eight years. As we considered moving to an expanded online presence in the wake of COVID-19, we became even more aware that businesses were looking for a way to adapt to the changes and increase capacity by bringing products online to a wider audience, and that local communities were looking for a way to support the local economy. Win / win, right?!

Since its beginning The Green Gazette has supported local businesses, community based values, sustaining local networks, and prioritizing a local and sustainable economy. offers the ability for consumers to shop or browse local & green businesses online and for local businesses to promote or sell online to these consumers at an affordable price.

Let’s Get Started!

We can help! If you have any questions about our listings or vendor marketplace subscriptions and how to sign up, or if you would like assistance with adding or choosing wording or images and how to help showcase your business for the biggest impact, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Pricing – Business Listing:

Free Trial

14 Days | Renews @ 12 months

14 Day Free Trial
Renews @ 12 Months
$16.25/ Month – Cancel anytime

Upload your business logo, contact info, unlimited wording and images, promotional events & posters, and add events to the calendar. With a 6 month or longer subscription, we will include your printed Business listing in The Green Gazette Magazine distributed throughout the Cariboo Region.

Non-profit Organization Listing:

Upload unlimited wording, images, posters, and special events to your directory listing as well as the option to add individual events to our directory event listing calendar.

All non-profit organization listings receive 15% off regular price ($16.25/month). Contact us for your discount coupon code and save!

Coming soon: Feature article option showcasing your organization online and in print in The Green Gazette Magazine.

Become a GreenListed Marketplace Vendor

Want to list your items for sale in our marketplace and reach a wider audience in your community and beyond? If you would like to sell your products, you can purchase a Greenlisted Marketplace vendor subscription separately or together with a business listing. For additional savings, purchase the two subscriptions together and receive 20% off your Vendor Marketplace listing.

Marketplace Vendor Subscriptions include three options:

1. Monthly subscription $10 month

2. Six month subscription for $50

3. One year subscription for $80

Note: All sales include a 4% commission per product.

Coming Soon: Business Feature Articles

If you would like to gain added exposure throughout the region our writers will help you tell your story and showcase your business with a feature article online and in The Green Gazette Magazine. Enquire today!

How to Purchase a Subscription

1. Click on My Account

2. Register. Create a username and password and enter your email addresss.

3. Choose a subscription: Click on ‘My Subscriptions‘ in your account dashboard, then browse products. Choose the 14 Day Trial by clicking ‘subscribe’.

Our 14 Day Free Trial will get you started. You will be notified by email when your trial is about to expire, and have the option to continue with a monthly subscription of $16.25/month for 12 months ($195.00/year). Cancel anytime.

4. Proceed to checkout. You will not be charged until your 14 day trial has ended.

5. Enter your billing details and click ‘subscribe’.

How to cancel a subscription

  1. Go to ‘My Account‘ dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Subscriptions
  3. View subscription you would like to cancel
  4. Click ‘Cancel’
  5. Your subscription is now pending cancellation. You may reactivate by viewing the subscription and clicking the ‘Reactivate’ button.

How to add a new directory listing item

1. After you have successfully subscribed, click on ‘My Listings‘ to go to your Directory Listing Items Dashboard. You must have a subscription to access the Items Dashboard.

2. Click on Items > Add New.

3. Add title: Enter your business/organization name here.

4. Enter your business/organization description in the text area. This could include products you sell, services you provide, a mission statement, etc.

5. Select all categories that apply to your business/organization. This is important so users can search and find your business.

6. Select a location.

7. Enter a slogan or short description in the Subtitle area.

8. Set Featured Image: Add your logo, or an image (we recommend 480 x 332px. Contact us for assistance with image sizing.

9. Yoast SEO: Search Engine Optimization options for enhanced google ranking. Provide a short phrase that best describes your business. Example: ‘Local organic produce’.

10. Address & Location: Enter your full address and click ‘Find Address’. If your address is not found, contact us and we can activate your map location.

11. Enter contact information. To make your email visible check the box to ‘Show email address’.

12. Check the box to ‘Show contact form’.

13. Add website address. Optional: Enter text to display in place of website address. Example: ‘My Website’ vs. ‘’.

14. Opening hours: Check box to ‘Show Opening Hours’. Fill out hours, or this will show blank. You can enter ‘By Appointment Only’ or ‘Contact for Hours’ etc.

15. Comments: Check box to allow comments and reviews. Uncheck to disable.

16. Choose ‘Save Draft’ to save your changes and edit later, ‘Preview’ to view your listing item, or Publish to post your listing when you are ready.

How to add an event listing

To add an event listing, simply follow the steps for How to add a new directory listing item and enter the information relevant to your event.

*For the events to show up on the events page, you must select ‘Events‘ under category, and the type of event (Festival, Concert, Market, etc)

What is the difference between My Account and My Listings Dashboards?

My Account: From the My Account Dashboard you can view recent orders, manage subscriptions (cancel, renew, or purchase), update your address and payment method, and edit your password and account details.

My Listings: From the My Listings Dashboard you can add new directory listing items and events or edit existing ones.

How do I navigate back to from My Listings Dashboard?

Click on ‘View Site‘ at the top right-hand side of the page to leave your dashboard and go back to the site.

How do I update or add a payment method?

1. Go to your ‘My Account‘ Dashboard.

2. Click on Payment Methods.

3. To add a payment method click ‘Add Payment Method

3. To update your payment method go to ‘Subscriptions‘ and click update payment method.