Quesnel, BC

Momentum Learning Centre

“I connect with others by engaging them in conversation and creating opportunities for laughter to learn about each other in a way that they feel valued, heard, appreciated and respected.”

I am a BC Certified teacher who grew up in the Shuswap.  I completed my Bachelor of Elementary Education, graduating with honors, in 2004.  After graduating, I worked in the Williams Lake school district and then moved to Quesnel where I worked in this school district for a few years as well.

My move towards tutoring and helping online school students started in 2008 when I answered an ad in the local paper and began working in-home with students on the Autism spectrum who were aiming to get their Dogwood Graduation Certificates.  It was these students who suggested that I do this with other students, and so I then opened Momentum Learning in 2011.

My own curiosity, creativity and flexible thinking help inspire my students to think ‘out of the box’ when working on tasks and projects.  By connecting with learners, I can help them feel seen, heard and valued so that they can start building confidence and self assurance in who they are and the skills they are trying to master.

I believe that everyone has the potential to learn anything. My intuitive and perceptive nature help to discover the method and pace.   When I can slow down their world, and peek in to learn more, I can help guide them in a way that’s meaningful to them.

Students notice that I am the same happy, joyful person they met when we had our initial meeting, and so they feel free to be themselves and discover more about who they are and what they are capable of in life.

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